Two luxury living/working residences type D

NL – Molenhoek, Municipality Mook en Middelaar

Exclusive living and working on the banks of the river the Maas, near the nature reserve the Mookerheide, Molenhoek station and a 15 minute drive from the historic city of Nijmegen and the Radboud University.

Mookerheide Station-molenhoek Nijmegen radboud-universiteit-logo

The Halder plan comprises seven (5 type L and 2 type D) luxury detached living/working units. Three houses type L from the total of seven are already realised. In designing the buildings, Wildenborch drew inspiration from the shipping traffic on the nearby river. The panorama over the river Maas is breathtaking and truly unique.

With the inclusion of the work areas, the total volume of these spacious units ranges from between 1,100 and 1,200 m3. The plots measure 1,000 m2 each. The resort has its own access road.

Curious of the realised type L houses?